Vassiliki Skordaki

Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Greece

Solicitor of England & Wales

CEDR Mediator

Toolkit Mediators’ Trainer

58, Panepistimiou street
Athens 106 78, Greece
Τel. +30 210 3217555
Fax +30 210 3250444

Vassiliki is a dually qualified lawyer in Greece and England and Wales. She joined the Athens Bar Association as a Greek attorney in 1985 when she begun practising law in law firm “Skordaki & Associates”.
and qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales in 1996. She has been an accredited mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) since July 1996 and has practised as a mediator both in England and Greece.  She is also an Accredited Mediators’ Trainer since 2013. She is the Managing Partner of Skordaki & Associates and has been since 1993. By a Ministry of Justice Decision she was appointed to the Committee for the Accreditation of Mediators of the Greek Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, as well as to the Mediators’ Exam Committee and the Committee for the change of greek legislation on mediation.

Her cases have been heard at the European Union Courts and the European Court for Human Rights and she has played a major role in shaping jurisprudence in these areas over the last 20 years.

Vassiliki is a founding member of “Epilysis”, a centre of dispute resolution services based in Greece and a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, based in London.

Her dedication to the growth of alternative dispute resolution in Greece is further demonstrated by her commitment to the Eastern Mediterranean Mediation Association (EMMA).

In December 2012, she published her book on mediation “Mediation according to Law 3898/2010 – One day of mediation”.

She is also a founding member and a member of the Board Committee of the “HELLENIC SOCIETY FOR MEDIATION AND AMICABLE DISPUTE RESOLUTION”.

As a British Council Fellow – Scholarship (post graduate studies, Law) and admission to the Young European Lawyers’ Scheme, she is also a member of the European Lawyers’ Association.

She participated as a Lecturer in the International Summer Law School on “Maritime Law & Mediation”, held in Athens, Greece, on the 19th  – 26th July 2015.

Vassiliki has acted as a Mediator – Negotiator in many cases with varied legal background in Greece and in England.

ThanasisVassiliki Skordaki